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Garage Door Repair Service Santa Clarita

A common issue when you own your own a home is when you need some sort of garage door repair. Most people don’t have the first clue about how garage doors work. That is of course, besides the fact they open and close. As a result, it’s far more convenient and saves you money, when you call someone to fix it.

When you talk to your garage door repair technician you should know a little about how a garage door works. This is because when you first call you can give us more details. This, in turn, allows us to give you a close estimate to what our technicians will give you.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know so you can talk to your repair technician. You might even save money in the process!

How does a Garage Door Work?

In order to describe your own garage door problem, it’s important to understand how a garage door works. There are different types of doors out there. So, the solution will revolve around the type of garage door you own. Since most people own automatic garage doors in today’s world, we’re going to focus on this area. The automatic garage door will open and close with the push of a button.

You can have a remote piece in your garage, as well as mobile ones for each vehicle. If you lose your remotes for the vehicles or misplace them, don’t worry. Most modern openers come equipped with an external keypad. Just punch in your code and the door will open.

Over time, you’re going to need some sort of garage door repair. The wear and tear from constantly going up and down will take its toll. Eventually, this will lead to a part breaking down or simply breaking. When that time comes it’s better to hire a professional company rather than risk an injury.

Troubleshooting your Garage Door

There are several types of issues you could come across at any given time. Understanding each challenge will make it easier to come to the proper conclusion. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Nothing seems to Work – When the remotes stop working it usually means a battery change, but if the wall switch is non-responsive then something else is wrong. In most cases, something is blocking the power source.
    Simple things like making sure the motor unit is plugged in or the fuse hasn’t blown is usually the source of the problem. If you’ve checked all this and your door still doesn’t work, you’d better reach for the phone . . .
  • The Garage Door stops halfway through and goes back up – If you run across this problem, it’s time to break out the ladder. Your garage door motor has adjustments you can use a screwdriver to adjust. Sometimes they have a knob that turns. You will need to turn it so there is more force when the door closes. This way it will go all the way. If this doesn’t work . . . it’s time to call us!
  • Can’t get the Garage Door to close with Remote – Sometimes you can open the garage door with your remote, but when you go to close it, nothing happens. We get calls about this one all the time. There are different problems that could be creating the issue like; it needs a new battery, the prongs aren’t close enough together in the battery area, the antenna isn’t hanging down from the motor, or you might just be out of range. Our contact details are 24167 Magic Mt Pkwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91355, 661-524-1643 or 661-524-1643 (mobile).

For DIY Garage Door Repair

Some people like to tinker with household repairs themselves, and you might be one of them. Just remember, with garage door breakdowns, if you do any further damage because you made a mistake, it usually adds quite a bit to your repair bill. And whatever you do, forget to try to fix it yourself if someone breaks the chain, if the motor is ruined, or your garage is hit by some sort of vehicle and is completely damaged.

Always Remember SAFETY FIRST!

If you still want to gamble that you can fix your garage door yourself, we want to give you a few different solutions regarding other garage door problems that require repair:

  • Using the Close Limit Switch – Earlier we discussed this when the garage door doesn’t come down all the way. However, you also need to get someone professional to adjust this if your door suddenly reverses automatically after it hits the ground. If you have a partial opening, the switch should be moved towards the motor, but if the motor keeps running, you need to move it away.
  • Tools – In most cases you only need to use a screwdriver. It’s also important to have a ladder so you can access the motor unit easily. If you have to replace the chain and want to DIY, then a few smaller wrenches will be needed to take nuts off. Then again, a squeaky garage door will just need a little WD40 on the chain and wheel-well.

In the end, garage door repair is a project which might seem easy at first, but which can turn out to be very difficult. It could be much cheaper to use a professional service. Even if you the right tools, know where the problem is, and take the appropriate steps to fix it, you can still get into trouble and break something else. Better to call Garage Door Repair Santa Clarita CA!

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