Modern Garage Door OpenerGarage door openers have remained relatively the same ever since their inception. That was until a 1993 law made it necessary to have sensors to prevent injury to both children and pets. The sensors detect something passing under it and then simply make the garage door reverse its motion. This happened because of a large number of injuries happening to children and pets. That is when the law passed making all opener manufacturers implement the aforementioned sensors.

Now the internet has made the garage door opener evolve yet again. This time not due to tragedy but rather due to the evolution of technology. There is a new system supported by Chamberlain and Liftmaster that have integrated what they are calling MyQ.

What is MyQ?

MyQ can be boiled down to an app that allows you to open your garage door. This might not seem all that great but when you spend some time to think about it. You realize that they have made the remotes we use to open garage doors obsolete in a sense. You can now use your phone to to open your garage door.

Now again while not seeming all that great. The fact that you have one less object to worry about carrying makes it all worth it. You are more likely to forget your remote than your phone. Not only that but the application can turn on the light in your garage and it is compatible with the following:

  • Google Home
  • Nest
  • Xfinity
  • Apple HomeKit

Now you can have more connectivity in your home than ever. Now your garage door opener can become a part of a more advanced home.

MyQ Liftmaster Opener